Dagestan Humanitarian University


Today, with the formation of church-state relations in the education of youth and moral health of society, the role and importance of theological education as a factor of solving these problems. Their practical implementation laid in the creation of the Institute of theology and international relations as a strategic objective.

In this sense, Non-governmental educational institution of Higher professional education (NEI HPE) "Institute of theology and international relations named after Mammadibir ar-Rochi" is an innovative educational institution of the Republic of Dagestan for studying in theology and other secular areas.

Institute of theology and international relations (ITIR) retains the unique role of educational and scientific centers, whose authority is sufficiently high not only in our country but also abroad.

Its uniqueness lies in the combination of secular and religious education, the strong spiritual and moral education of students, and total rejection of corrupt elements. The Institute is one of the first in Russia for the implementation of the educational standard in the direction of "theology."

Education in the sphere of theology, linguistics and journalism, economics and computer science, arts and humanities is provided by more than 30 professors, doctors and candidates of sciences, professors and highly qualified teachers. Among them are well-known and revered throughout Russia ulama and religious leaders. It certainly provides a high pedagogical and spiritual and moral level of the students.

The Institute is a member of the realization of a Plan to ensure the training of specialists with in-depth study of the history and culture of Islam. The audit results in the realization of Plan 2011-13, conducted by the decision of the Ministry of Education working group on the implementation of such plan, ITIR takes the first place.

At the annual meeting of the international seminar "Prospects of development of theological education - a look into the future" Alexander Miheyshin, advisor of a rector in the sphere of scientific work of the federal government's budget educational institution of higher professional education "Saint-Petersburg State University," noted that "really two schools in the system of the Islamic Education confirmed the quality of training – ITIR and Islamic University in Kazan".

University graduates can continue their education at Moscow State Linguistic University in the sphere of "culture". In the new academic year, Moscow State Linguistic University is ready to give our graduates 5 of 9 seats in the master budget for continuing their education.

First in Dagestan, students of ITIR have an opportunity to get the Diploma Supplement of European sample (Diploma Supplement).

ITIR students actively participate in national and international conferences, contests, competitions and forums. So, 1st year student of journalism department of the Institute of theology and international relations Turab Huseynov won the "gold" in the Open championship of Azerbaijan on Wushu Sanda, which took place on 25-26 of January 2014, a graduate of the Faculty of Linguistics 2013 Chotanov Tavbolat, one of the members of Russian team took the 1st place at the World Championships in kung fu and the international tournament on Wushu Sanda.

ITIR students took first and third place for the best report and presentation at the Russian scientific and practical conference "Law and order in modern  society", held on 12 of March 2013 at Dagestan state institute of economy,  they also participated in the IV Forum of students intellectuals of  Gumbet  district (2013) , and became  winners of the  VI All-Russian Olympiad on Islamic subjects and Arabic language among students of Islamic schools in the Russian Islamic University (RIU) under the Ministry of Religious Affairs and Awqaf of Kuwait (2013), won the competition among the blind on the knowledge of  life of the Prophet (pbuh) devoted  to the holy month of Rabi-ul-Awwal in the Russian Islamic University named after Kunta-haji Kishiev in Grozny (2014).

Today not only young students study at ITIR. Various forms of advanced   and additional training actively develop here. The Institute gives an opportunity to obtain the second higher education, and accordingly diplomas of ITIR can get people who have graduated other universities in different time. 

ITIR has partnerships with many university centers and educational institutions not only in Russia but also abroad. Partnerships with foreign universities (Indonesia, Malaysia, Turkey, Kuwait) have to contribute to the creation of a common educational space, the exchange of scientific and cultural achievements, values. At the same time, the Institute is actively cooperating with Russian institutions, particularly with Moscow, Kazan and Bashkir Islamic University, Moscow State University of linguistics, St. Petersburg State University, Pyatigorsk Linguistic University.

Institute of theology is the founder, organizer and participant in the implementation of the priority project of President of Dagestan Ramazan Abdulatipov in creation of Dagestan Humanitarian University.